by Tanner Johnson

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released January 8, 2015



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Tanner Johnson Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Bees
There's bees on the window,
Wanting to come inside and sting you till tomorrow
And fly inside your mind

Looking to cave to the queen they see
They just wanna be your honey bee
So they can change your earrings everyday
And show you that romance is here to stay
Track Name: Nothing For Your Eyes
I've come to realize
I'm nothing For your eyes
Now tell me that it's true
There's nothing I can do

I'm aching in my head
I'm freezing in my bed
Now tell me that it's true
There's nothing I can do

Holding you in my dreams
True love is what it seems
Walking under street lights
Us together just seems right

Now it's fine you turned away
I'll see you another day
You won't feel the same way I do
That's okay I'll still adore you
Track Name: Reflection
There's this play going on on Friday night
I really wanna go with you
I might buy two tickets and cancel my plans
I'll wear your favorite shirt and my nicest pants

I'll pick you up at six so we can hangout out a bit before the show starts
Don't wanna be late
You called me up, you said, come and get you
I'll see you in ten and by the way,
I'll miss you

You opened your door and walked down the driveway
You got in my car and looked me in the eyes
You grabbed my hand and kissed it sideways
I swear there were stars shooting through my heart

Lets get two seats next to each other
So I can hold your hand and feel the sweat from your palm
I hope you enjoy the show tonight
Because I know I will form the reflection of your eyes

Just to let you know, this was all a dream
a trance, a daze, a lie, a cloudy haze
You never called, I never picked you up
Laying in my bed, waiting for you

I never thought we would come this far
Holding you has never seemed so hard
I'll see you tonight in my dreams
Holding your hand, the way it should be