this bedroom is so hot please call the fire department

by yesterday

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recorded 7/12/15 in a very hot bedroom in phoenix arizona with the help of friends brandon engers and rachel prickett


released July 12, 2015

tanner johnson
brandon engers
rachel prickett



all rights reserved


Tanner Johnson Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Never In My Life
in the car
heading up north
my eyes can barely see out the window
but that's okay

i see you from on top the roof
on the ground staring at the clouds
you will never look at me
like you do at the world

never in my life will i cry
never in my life will i die for you
on in my dreams
as stupid as it seems
Track Name: For Me
I don't want to look at you
I don't to kiss you
I don't want to love you

Because I just want to be alone
I don't want to hurt you

I'm gonna move away
Really far away
Away from you and your pretty darling face

I'm gonna sit back and stare at pictures of you
and wonder why I'm leaving again

Will you leave the morning after for me
Track Name: Nail Polish
Two teenage pimple face lovers
Walking around holding hands with each other
Everyday I walk past you in my sleep
In the afternoon when you're in my dreams

Red nail polish everywhere
I hope tomorrow you don't care
I never said you were the best for me
Because every kiss is killing me

Everything is fine when I'm alone
Nothing can hurt me when I'm home
Heaven knows that I love you
Even though you don't love me too

Wondering why you had to leave
Without tell me bye and kissing me
Wondering why you had to go
Wondering why you had to go
Track Name: Birthday Party
You're not invited to my birthday party
Not even if you bring all the smarties

You can't belong to me
Because that would be mean

And I'm really sorry we haven't talked in weeks
I've just been asleep